Welcome to Cochin Customs *Next PTFC Meeting is scheduled on 23-11-2017(Thursday) at 11.00AM followed CCFC Meeting at 11.15 AM . Points, if any may be forwarded to Supdt (CCU)before 5 PM on 21/11/2017 * Members of public can meet the Commissioner after informing the Officers of PS Unit*Trade Facility 15/2017 Manual Filing of EGM by Shipping Lines -Refund of Integrated Goods and Services Tax paid on exports made during the month of July - see Trade Facility section Addressing the issues related to IGST Export Refunds , please see Public Notice 15/2017 dated 19-10-2017 and Trade Facility 14/2017 dated 3-10-2017 . This is an IS 15700-2005 certified Custom House *